Registration Of Business - BreadTalk Pte Ltd

BackJun 04, 2004

The Board of Directors of BreadTalk Group Limited (the "Company") would like to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Breadtalk Pte Ltd, has registered a business under the name, BT Packaging, with effect from 28 May 2004.

The principal activity of the business is to manufacture and retail all kinds of halal food, bakery and confectionery products.

Its business address is at 171 Kampong Ampat #05-05, KA Foodlink, Singapore 368330.

The rationale for the registration of the business is have a separate halal division to target and cater to the needs of the Muslim market.

Mr Frankie Quek Swee Heng, who is the Group General Manager of Breadtalk Group Limited, has been appointed as the Local Manager.

None of the directors or substantial shareholders of the Group have any interests, direct or indirect, in the above transaction.